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Welcome to our site where we share a simple abc approach to unlocking your powerful destiny. We strongly believe in self improvement techniques as an essential part of our lives. We would like to invite you to take full advantage of our resources available to improve the quality of your life.

My name is Omar Jamaladdin. My name means “full of life.” I would like to share the following story titled Reality vs. appearance just show you how our simple approach to helping you enjoy a healthy and wealthier lifestyle through changing the way that you think about everything it is that you see. Before you begin the story say to yourself “Show me things as they actually are, so that I will not be decieved by what they appear to be.” Then when you finish the story, you must ask yourself “Is this my reality or someone elses?”

A name is one of three rights that the child has over his parents. The name is given in hopes that the child grows up with the qualities of that particular name, so the parents or care takers have to choose only beatiful names for their children. The name sets the tone and shapes the characteristics of the child. The child must then grow to full maturity and learn about the beautiful qualities within him or herself.  The things that you do best! Those qualities that you discover have to be recognized, written, rehearsed and memorized and imbedded in your consciousness. When these tasks are complete you are at full maturity. Then you can begin to unlock your powerful destiny build and improve the quality of your life.

Lets face the truth here. When you were a child, who shaped the events and activities in your life? Who did you seek all of your answers from? If you went to school, who did you go to school for? Who picked out your clothes and dressed you as a child? Who gave you your direction in life? These are very important question when trying to find some direction in life. If you had to answer this question as a child, you might answer, mommy, daddy, grandmom, auntie, or whoever was your care taker. If you were to answer this question now, what would be your answer?

The point is that the people you grow up with or grow up under had and still has a major influence on how you live your life today. It is stored inyour subconscious mind. You are the only one who can recognized the effects that they still have on you life. You just have to search for them. Much of what you learned may have been good, beneficial and helpful in your life today. Some may be the total opposite and the very reasons why we are the way we are. Never the less you should always feel thankful, appreciative and be very kind to those who cared for you when you were unable to do it for yourself. Now that your at that point where you are able to do for yourself, the responsibility is yours. You have to acknowledge this and take full responsibility for your life and begin to write, rehearse, and memorize the things which will help you enjoy a beautiful well balanced lifestyle.

Do you believe that everyone should be forced against their own will to go to school at such a young age? My parents may have thought that that was right or the best thing for me at the time. Even though I did not enjoy being boxed in classroom full of strangers and deserted by my only protectors in life. I dont agree with that decision now that I have reached my full age of maturity. I found out later in life that our creator says that he teaches mankind intelligence so I said to my self then what did school APPEAR to be teaching me? That’s when I defined the word curriculum and found out that it means…to put something in a thing, in order to control it. From that point on I began to question everything because what everyone is doing everyday, appears to be the right thing to do but in my reality its not! This one vision allowed me to unlock my powerful destination and accomplish the life that I wanted for myself and my loved ones.

Now ask yourself, are you living your reality, or someone elses?

We invite you to discover your new reality. You have to search within yourself to find out the things which you do very well and your able to contribute to society by helping others. This is already given to you as a newborn child and it is even closer to you than your own name. This is the foundation of your life, this is your destiny. You need to learn how to unlock this powerful destiny and consciously build the rest of your life based on it.

Our Committment to Help Others

We believe that self help, self improvement, and self motivation is only the beginning! All of our necessary materials and resources are made available to you here, you have to utilize the material. Our strengths are providing one on one coaching to you.  We believe that the best thing to learn is your powerful destiny (qadr).

Ask yourself how much of this worlds wealth do you wish to acquire? What would you do with it? Do you have or want a family? Do you live a healthy family life? Happy partner, happy children, well managed home? Hows your health! How’s your diet and nutrional plan working out? Do you feel confident, energized and motivated? Are you greedy? Do you give or donate?Do you have a belief system? What brings you peace, happiness and joy in this world?

The point here is that the ALQADR.COM “MY POWERFUL DESTINY” is dedicated to help anyone who wants to unlock their dreams and make them a reality. Allow us to coach you with a short simple and easy appraoch to fulfilling your GOALS. The only connection between your conscious mind and your subconscious is a dream or a vision. Your dreams and visions must be determined, then written down, then rehearsed, and memorized until they are extremely clear to you!  Live your REALITY and do not be decieved by appearance!


Our goal at MY POWERFUL DESTINY is to honor all of our guest. We are here to assist, awaken, help , motivate, and coach you to your reality! And not someone elses!!

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help out.

All the best,

Omar Jamaladdin,